Taveirne invests in the latest generation tamping machine
13 February 2019

The new tamping machine is a Plasser & Theurer Unimat 08-4×4/4S. This machine of the latest generation has been redesigned and is equipped with the necessary installations, such as TBL1+, to comply with the current legislation to be allowed to use the railways.

It’s the first machine of this new generation to arrive and operate in Belgium.

Given that the current tamping machine dates from 2000 and Infrabel is demanding ever higher standards regarding the new type of concrete sleepers, the Executive Board of Taveirne decided on the 1st of March 2018 to purchase a new machine. That way, we can maintain our autonomy as a contractor carrying out the works, as we always worked in the past.

In week 14, the Unimat 08-4×4/4S will depart from Linz, Austria and arrive in Ghent. After the necessary homologations and inspections, the new tamping machine will be immediately deployed at the various sites.