Taveirne: the expert in track construction

For train, tram and metro, as well as industrial estates and port areas

From the laying of new lines to the renovation and maintenance of existing tracks, you can rely on Taveirne to develop a safe, stable and reliable rail network.

Expertise through Experience

Our many years of experience and knowledge of the latest techniques, have allowed us to help construct a safe, stable and reliable rail network for decades. Our specialist team ensures that each project, large or small, runs smoothly and properly.

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Taveirne is one of Belgium’s most experienced players in the area of track construction, both for new lines and existing tracks. Each location and rail installation has specific technical requirements. Our engineers and professional technicians find solutions for the most challenging rail problems.

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Aside from the construction of train tracks, Taveirne also uses its expertise to help develop and maintain the tram and metro rail networks, both in Belgium and the North of France.

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Taveirne is also the perfect partner for performing track works on private land. Taveirne ensures that the work is performed correctly, and that connections to the public network meet the railway standards outlined by Infrabel.

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Working at Taveirne

At Taveirne, you help develop the rail network of the future. You work on prestigious projects, which ensure the continuous optimisation of rail traffic in Belgium and the North of France.

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Recent projects

New tunnel under railway line – Herentals

In cooperation with De Vlaamse Waterweg nv and Infrabel, a new tunnel was pushed under the railway line at De Beukelaer-Pareinlaan in Herentals during the weekend of 9 and 10 July.

Track and level crossing renewal – Melle

Commissioned by Infrabel, Taveirne renewed the tracks and level crossings along the route of Melle.

Generaal Jacqueslaan te Brussel

Plaatsing van nieuwe tramsporen in de Generaal Jacqueslaan, tussen de bochten van het Sterreplein en de Boondaalsesteenweg, incl. het begin van de Buyllaan en Renbaanlaan.

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