Tram & Metro

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Tram & Metro

Taveirne also uses its expertise for the development of the tram and metro networks in Belgium and the North of France

Due to their location in city centres, built-up areas or underground, metro and tram line projects hold their own challenges, relating to:

  • Type of track construction
  • Accessibility of the site zone
  • Underground cables, pipes and wells for utility companies, signalling and road signs
  • Vibration and sound-proofing measures
  • Continuity of the traffic flows, tram and bus lines
  • Welding different types of tracks
  • Working within a short time period
  • Coordination and performance of road works


Taveirne has played an important role in a few high-level tram and metro works in Belgium and the North of France, such as:

  • The connection to the Heysel complex
  • The new metro lines at Delacroix station, which complete the circle of the Brussels’ metro
  • The construction of new tram lines to Boulevard Léopold II, which link the centre of Brussels to NATO
  • Complete renewal of the tram tracks in the centre of Tourcoign and Roubaix, as well as the total renewal of the tram tracks linking the centre of Lille to these 2 satellite cities, ‘’the single track section”
  • The renewal of the tracks in the ‘Constitution’ tunnel, one of the most important junctions in Brussels

In order to be fully profitable, tram and metro tracks require regular, properly performed maintenance. For years, STIB/MIVB has relied on Taveirne for the maintenance of its aboveground and underground rail network, as well as the tram and metro of, amongst others, Charleroi, Antwerp, Ghent and the Coast Tram. Beyond our national borders, we also help maintain the metro and tram tracks of Lille.