Working at Taveirne

At Taveirne, you help develop the rail network of the future. You work on prestigious projects, which ensure the continuous optimisation of rail traffic in Belgium and the North of France.

What can you expect?

  • A fair salary, paid on time
  • An exciting and varied job
  • A pleasant working environment
  • Challenging and prestigious projects
  • Possibilities for promotion
  • Internal practice-oriented training courses

We are currently seeking:

  • Foreman
  • Rail worker
  • Crane operator (rail)
  • Certified welder

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  • Carrying out the tasks assigned to him by the project manager or site manager.
  • Team management
  • Supervising and assigning duties to the team in such a way that these tasks are performed by employees who have received the required training or instructions
  • Provide the necessary information, cooperate with the policy
  • Follow-up of the guidelines in the field of quality, safety and environment
  • Implementation of the quality plan in the working area
  • Can plan reading and work with a leveling instrument (level) and / or laser
  • Training new employees
  • Supervising the use of collective and personal protective equipment
  • Make proper use of the machines, appliances and tools
  • Report to the project manager or site manager

Rail worker

  • Carrying out the tasks assigned to him by the team manager or project manager.
  • Follow the guidelines in the areas of quality, safety and environment
  • Correctly use the assigned machines, equipment, tools in accordance with the instructions

Crane operator (Rail)

  • Work with a rail crane
  • Specifically responsible for minor maintenance, reporting and noting of defects, and applying the safety instructions for working with a crane

Certified welder

  • Performing the aluminothermic and / or electric welding (baguette or semi-automatic) in accordance with the applicable directives and standards. (Infrabel,
    De Lijn, Tec, STIB)
  • Infrabel welding passport is a plus